Animal Rescue

We have scheduled April 2021 to commence construction of the Jungle Dreams Foundation Orphanage. An eco build cleverly designed, to bring a bright and happy home upto 20 impoverished orphaned children. This facility will also cater for those children with mental and physical disabilities, ensuring the very best possible start in life regardless of circumstance.

We invite many local schools to day visits at this remarkable eco resort with education being the key process. Everything from conservation to design and even work ethics are covered.

It is vital that we look after this planet for future generations to enjoy. Understanding a harmanised eco approach to business is key in this process.

Although the jungle all may appear very similar, there are some barren areas damaged by fire which are desperately in need planting. Our re forestation programe allows guests and visitors to sponsor new trees and preserve endangered species.

In 2022 we commence work on our official animal sanctury. Our mission being the caring for and treatment of needy animals, and where possible to release them back to their natural habitat.